21 Years Later Honoring 911 First Responder

In Service To Others

Bonnie Giebfried served her diverse community as an EMT, firefighter, social worker, and advocate for over 3 decades. On the morning of 9/11/01, she along with her EMT partner were dispatched to the World Trade Center to save lives only to have to fight to save their own – being buried alive twice when the towers came down. The tragic event forced her out of the career she loved and on full-time disability with no pension. However, she worked hard to heal herself, advocated for the health and support of other first responders such as fighting for the Zadroga Bill, became a minister, and continues to use her past vocational experience to help her community.

Answering The Call

The poem “20 Years Later” written after participating in a new therapeutic protocol to help with PTSD, is a reflection of the joy and wonder of a child witnessing the Twin Towers being built, to the trauma and sadness of a nation whose support for First Responders dissipated into apathy and indifference while a loss of life, lack of health benefits and an insufficient living wage continue to plague them years after they survived that horrendous day.

Loving Support

Bonnie and Her wife Tracy live daily with the trauma of that day. In addition to Bonnie’s therapy, support from her loving wife gets her through even the worst of days. Music and poetry are powerful medicine that they share together.

The Poem That Was Inspired By That Day

20 Years Later
By Bonnie Giebfried

The scarred skyline will always hold the memory of that infamous day,
20 years have passed and no more visions of the mighty towers across the bay.
The pain, sadness, and horror of that day will “Never Be Forgotten”,
those who service carry the burden of the many civilians and the downtrodden.

“All gave some, Some gave All” is a badge of honor many wear,
We service the public willingly, to give our lives because we care.
On the day many “Answered the Call”,
The truth 20 years later many responders’ health continues to fall.

The battle cry to support those affected on that infamous day has dulled to bitter silence,
not very “Patriotic” for those who serviced and witnessed the violence.
Many retreat to the inner depths to search and heal from the trauma,
unfortunately, the systems in place emulate a great deal of drama.

The resilience of the human spirit cannot be destroyed,
The healing toolbox will be deployed.
Living life on life terms is a beautiful thing,
It is better than hearing the haunting echoes of the Scott packs ring.

Helping To End PTSD

A portion of the funds raised from this presentation will help first responders get treatment for PTSD. Thank you for your contribution.

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