We are incredibly grateful for all our donors.

Every donation that comes through Hear The Hope allows us to keep providing “dream come true” experiences through the power of music.

There are costs associated with producing and releasing music but we keep them minimal… stretching every dollar as far as it can go.  Your generosity is what keeps this going.  Donations to Hear The Hope are tax deductible.

Building Trust

We at Hear The Hope know that integrity and accountability build trust, so we made the commitment to set up our organization in the best possible way.  We hired the best non-profit law firm in the area to establish Hear The Hope as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.  We also keep our annual filings up to date with the Secretary of State and the IRS to maintain this status.


We are often asked, “how much of donated money from the sale of the music actually goes to making dreams come true and helping families?”  That answer is 100% (minus any credit card transaction fees).

If you are able to help us expand the joy of music, please make your contribution below.

Thank you in advance for helping make a difference!

Level Click Amount to Donate
MUSIC LEGEND!  $1,001 Plus
Rock Star $1,000
BandMate $500
Roadie $250
Groupie $100
All Access Pass $50
Backstage Pass $25
General Admission $5