• Do you want to submit an original song?
  • Do you write music or lyrics?
  • Do you play an instrument?

  • Do you sing?

Because of the nature of this project and organization, our guideline is that every song recorded through Hear The Hope involves someone associated (in some way) with a Hero. This can be a military veteran, law enforcement officer, fire fighter, EMT/EMS or a family member of someone affiliated with a hero.

The goal is to have someone with a connection or personal story involved in every song. The involvement can be in the writing process or performing on the recording.

If you meet these criteria, we want a submission from you. Or, if you know of someone that meets these criteria, encourage them to reach out.


By developing a network of musicians, songwriters, and singers, we have the resources to match the needed talent with a project.  We then write, professionally record, and produce songs of hope to make dreams come true.  We even get help from celebrities, which delights the grown up and child dreamers alike.

We recently recorded with MLB pitcher Bronson Arroyo, who is also an excellent musician, and Multi-platinum selling artist Eliot Sloan from Blessid Union Of Souls.  We have more celebs in the works, which will add surprise and more fun.

To view our completed projects and learn more about Hear The Hope, please click > ARCHIVES.