A Resilient Star – Featuring Andreas Lengyel

These lyrics tell the story better than I can. A special thanks to Andreas Lengyel for singing lead vocals and mixing this song and thanks to Glenn Levasseur for assistance in song writing.

A Big Thank you to Jeremy Combs for his service and sharing his story.

Haunted By The Ghosts Of Pain

In the shadow of the battlefield, where the echoes still remain,

A warrior forged by fire, haunted by the ghosts of pain.

Five deployments, special forces, a life lived on the edge,

Over 300 souls lost, carried on a solemn pledge.

Within Him A Resilient Star

Through the darkness, he emerged,

A soldier scarred, a spirit surged.

Battles fought, both near and far,

But within, lies a resilient star

PTSD Demons

Through the wreckage of addiction, he clawed his way back,

A warrior’s redemption, on a different track.

PTSD’s demons, a relentless fight,

But love and art became his guiding light.

Love For His Daughter

He leans into the good, in the face of the storm,

Finds strength in love, his heart transformed.

Through the metal he sculpts, a masterpiece of grace,

In the arms of his daughter, a healing embrace.

Post Traumatic Growth

Now in the quiet moments, he reflects on the past,

A veteran’s journey, where shadows were cast.

Post Traumatic Growth, a phoenix rising high,

From the ashes of despair, to a limitless sky.

He Embraces The Light

In the symphony of life, where the echoes remain,

A veteran’s song, a melody of gain.

He leans into the good, embraces the light,

A sculptor of hope, in the canvas of the night.

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