Heal The Broken Hearted By Dorothy Graham

The Story Behind Heal The Broken Hearted

My song Heal the Broken-Hearted talks about my life journey, for years I struggled with being bullied as child, I had extremely low self-esteem which led to poor and abusive relationships and when my uncle took his life our family was never the same.

The Healing Journey

I wrote a book about my life’s journey and through getting the book out I met some incredible people which made me decide to start a live show and allow people to share their stories as well. I know how lonely life can get and I wanted to change that for people, let them know they are never alone.

Connections With Veterans

This led me to the veteran world where my heart exploded with love and understanding for these men and women who struggle with PTSD and suicidal adiations. I made it my mission to help them get the help they needed and to help them heal.

Then my father died of cancer September 14, 21, for 9 days we were at his bedside I would watch his chest move and I was at peace knowing soon his pain would end, but then I knew ours would begin. In those 9 days God taught me a lot about my dad our circumstances, and I knew I was put on this earth to share his story and to help others heal. I hope this song helps you in some way.

Dorothy Graham O’Dell

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Heal The Broken Hearted
Heal The Broken Hearted
Heal The Broken Hearted
Heal The Broken Hearted