“I’m Here For You” by Greg Bicknell

Here’s How It All Began

I met Toby Christensen at a veterans event and he shared with us the mission of Hear The Hope Heroes (HTHH) and I was blown away. The thought of making beautiful songs of hope from stories of trauma and despair seemed like an impossible feat.

Then I talked to Dr. Janell Royster a very well respected therapist and veteran who specializes in the treatment of PTSD. She told bee about her own experience with Hear The Hope Heroes and Tobys amazing ability to turn a story into a song and CJ Lambert, Toby’s partner at HTHH, who is not only a world class guitar player, but also a top shelf audio engineer.

I Couldn’t Resist

I knew right way that I wanted to be part of this project. But I’m not a song writer or a musician. To make a long story short, I worked with toby on presenting my story in a way that would facilitate story told to music.

Then It Happened

Then this happened: I’m Here For You.

The song is a story, my story, but also what I perceive the story of so many of my brothers and sisters to be.

My Journey

I left the military due a medical issues and it took me years to accept it and come to terms with what I could and couldn’t still do.  Once I allowed myself to reach out to and receive assistance, it changed my life!  I thought by sharing this with others, they might be able to relate and have an awakening of their own.  Idealistic maybe, but what if??

My Purpose

I put this together as an anthem song to rally those that come together with similar stories.  Sort of a place to unite and begin healing and then continuing the effort to all those around them.

Enjoy the song I am thrilled with the quality and how the power of the message comes through!

Thank You Toby and CJ! And thanks to all of you who support this project with your generous donations. ~ Greg Bicknell

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