In The Shadows – By Tara Dente and Toby Christensen

The Unsung Heroes

This song honors the work of the Therapists who specialize in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They are the unsung heroes, saving lives through their dedication and expertise.

They provide a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with the aftermath of trauma, offering a safe space for healing and recovery.

 Compassionate Guidance

Through their compassionate guidance, they empower survivors to release their deepest wounds, help them navigate through the darkness, and emerge stronger, reclaiming their lives from the shadows of their past.

Their work transcends mere treatment; it’s a lifeline that restores dignity, resilience, and ultimately, the possibility of a brighter tomorrow.

It Takes A Dream And A Team

One such person is Dr. J Royster founder of Semper Motis, LLC

She is a trauma specialist with a unique approach to treatment. Many of the stories that inspired songs for Hear The Hope Heroes came from patents of Dr. J. We thank her and her team for the great work they are doing. Below are just a few comments from the people they have worked with.

Coming Out Of The Shadows

Retired from the Air Force senior master sergeant attended a clinic where she met Dr Royster. Nikki was exhausted and burned out. She didn’t have direction in her life. After a few sessions, she found peace, clarity, a sense of direction and purpose. She has been thriving ever since. She can breathe, she feels relief and can clearly see the future and her self-worth is ever evolving. ~ Nikki Air Force

Christopher Dunn, retired master deputy Polk County Sheriff

25 years of law enforcement, Was in street crimes, undercover narcotic unit, and patrol, went through a divorce, went back to patrol, he had primary custody of his daughter. Was a negotiator for 8 years. Dealt with people in crisis. His partner died in his arms and this was one of many tragedies that created a downward spiral.

“I worked with Dr Royster and this helped tremendously putting my partners death behind me, I feel I’m in a good place with that. I have been a coach, and worked with 10 people using the protocol. When you help people, you’re helping yourself.

Erica Rodriguez Sgt at Lake County Sheriff dept

Struggling as a female in law enforcement. Working and competing in a profession predominantly full of men. She continued to be shifted regardless of her education. And after clearing her trauma she gained a promotion. After obtaining the masters degree and working in several departments she tried six times to attain her rank as Sgt. The last time she almost gave up, then met Drj. “She made me realize that no matter what I will not give up on my dreams. and I tried one last time and got my promotion. I got out of my head, not focusing on past experiences, not worrying about others’ opinions, and moving forward.”

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