Larry Sporing – The Mighty Oak by Larry Sporing

He Stands More Firm on One Leg Than I Ever Have on Two… Like A Mighty Oak Tree

At a shopping center in suburban Cincinnati, a truck comes roaring up and quickly finds a parking spot with a handicap logo. As the young man energetically emerges from the truck, Larry Sporing, a retired Navy man realizes that the young man only had one leg. “When he stood, he was tall and strong, like a mighty oak tree” Larry recalls.

Realizing that the occupant qualifies for the spot, Larry notices his US Army belt buckle.

Thank You For Your Service

“Thank you for your service”  Larry said and in true Larry style boldly asks, “Can I pray for you?”

The young man replied in the affirmative and Larry blessed the young man. Then, when Larry finished his prayer the young man did not let go of his hand. “Now it’s my turn, may I pray for you as well?” Shocked, Larry gave him a thumbs up.

“This young man prayed like nobody I have heard before. He prayed like a 14th century poet.”

This encounter inspired the song Oak Tree written and sung by Larry Sporing. He also lays down a nice acoustic guitar as well.

But Thats Not All…

This event happened in August of 2017 and Larry never knew who this young man was. A Year later, Larry, through a young man he is mentoring learns about the tall soldier with one leg. After watching a youtube video of an inspirational speech given by Brent Hendrix to the UC football team, Larry realizes Brent is the young man he met in that parking lot that inspired this song. The Mighty Oak.

Special thanks to Jerry Lautz for bringing Larry into the Hear The Hope family!

Song Credits:

Featured Song: “The Mighty Oak”

Our Hero: Larry Sporing

Composer: Larry Sporing

Vocals: Larry Sporing

Instruments: Larry Sporing (acoustic guitar), CJ Lambert (acoustic, slide, & bass guitars)

Produced By: Toby Christensen & CJ Lambert

Engineered By: Toby Christensen & CJ Lambert

Edited, Mixed, & Mastered By: CJ Lambert

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