Things Have Gotta Change by Michael Murray and Toby Christensen

Things Have Gotta Change By Michael Murray and Toby Christensen

Things Have Gotta Change

Things Have Gotta Change is a remarkable international collaboration. Michael Murray in Virginia USA wrote the lyrics and sent them to Toby Christensen in Cincinnati Ohio USA. Once the song was written, Toby and CJ Lambert laid, lead vocals, drums, rhythm, and slide guitar in Cincinnati. Then we sent the project to Andreas Lengyel a music producer in Sweeden who volunteered to help Hear The Hope. Andreas Lengyel mixed and mastered the song. He also played the Hammond Organ and sang background vocals. It was then sent to Philip Brezina a world-class violin player in Mexico who recorded the fiddle tracks there. USA, Sweeden, and Mexico! This is what happens when people come together for a good cause.

An Anthem For Positive Change

Things have gotta change and I mean right now! We’ve gotta find a way or make one. In a polarized world, it is easy to complain and criticize. This however does not create a solution. It only exacerbates an already volatile situation. In this song, several issues are addressed that are important to bring attention to. Homeless Veterans are a big one. Michael Murray is a veteran doing great work addressing the issue of PTSD. His organization, is making a big impact nationwide.

You Can Sit On Your Ass And Watch The News

So many people today are glued to the TV fueling divisiveness and turmoil. Michael pledges in this song, “Not me man, I just gotta act, I took an oath to this great land.” As we come together and help instead of hurt, and encourage instead of complain we can make a difference.

I’ll Show You How

The song ends with a commitment to lead by example. “We’ve gotta find a way and I’ll show you how!” Anyone can find fault and judge. It takes real courage to identify the problem and then find the solution. I hope this song encourages you to join us as part of the solution. Let’s bring unity where there is division. Hope to the hopeless and by all means, let’s reach out to the veteran community and give them the support they deserve for protecting our freedom.


Toby Christensen: Lead Vocals

Andreas Lengyel: Background Vocals

Toby Christensen, Chris “CJ” Lambert, Philip Brezina, and Andreas Lengyel: Instrumentation

Written by: Michael Murray and Toby Christensen

Production: Andreas Lengyel

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Things Have Gotta Change In the Geniuslab studio
Things Have Gotta Change
Things Have Gotta Change
Things Have Gotta Change